Great Jewelry Making Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Beading


Making jewellery can be a great way to create wearable art that is unique to your style and personality. It can also be a source of extra income and offer the opportunity to give your friends and family gifts that will make a lasting impression. Try the following great jewelry making ideas to create enticing conversation pieces that will leave a memorable impression:

Detailed clasps – Focus on functional aspects of your tanzanite gemstones such as the clasp. The clasp presents an opportunity add a delicate touch to any piece of jewellery. Try an antique copper or pewter toggle clasp on a bracelet with powder blue and ivory beads for a completely shabby-chic look.

Cocktail rings – Create a unique cocktail ring and a great conversation piece by using organically shaped gems, copper wire and extra strength jewellery glue. When choosing your gem, think abstract shapes that are unpredictable and eye-catching. Don’t be timid to choose a large stone, as most cocktail rings are considerably bigger than others.

Cascading pomander bracelet – Create a bracelet that mimics a beautiful cascading pomander, a recent trend in weddings. Use silky ribbon, pearls and ceramic or plastic trinkets in the shapes of roses to create a stunning bracelet.
1. Measure your wrist for the length of fabric you will need. Choose a strand of satin ribbon in the colour of your choice. A dusty, lavender grey is a pretty choice to coordinate with creamy pearls.
2. If you’d like, you can attach a thinner strip of velvet ribbon in a correlating shade on top of the wider satin piece using fabric glue for added dimension.
3. Use a fabric razor to cut small, vertical slits down the length of the fabric, about every half inch.
4. Lace your small strand of pearls in and out of the slits, creating a woven effect.
5. Attach your ornamental roses in a bundle on one side of your bracelet, so that they rest on the left or right side of your wrist. For added drama, sew a large fabric rose bud to the one hand, and surround it with small clusters of enamel roses. This way, it will look more like a wild, blooming bouquet.
6. Attach a metal clasp to each end of your bracelet. You can also add a small tassel to the clasp for added lean.

Where to get ideas
Use your imagination. Try to think things through you to get inspiration, and action as soon as you construct great ideas. Go out to look at the natural creation, such as trees, flowers, vegetables, and even mud can sometimes trigger your inner aspiration. Write them down immediately as they will go away anytime.

Making jewellery is not a hard thing, to begin with, as long as you spend more time to practice with simple techniques, and then move to the next creative level. Make earrings, necklaces and pins by putting different objects to your pieces can sometimes surprise you, like adding pin backings, hooks, wires, findings etc. The possibilities are everywhere for great jewelry making ideas and affordable.